About Us

Global School of Health started in 2015 as a privately owned school in the borough of Queens. GSOH has been in business for 7 fruitful years providing quality education and training to the healthcare community in New York. We aim to bring quality medical and health education to the rest of the world through our online health education programs and classes. As a Women-Owned Business, we strive for the success of each student who chooses GSOH as their educational partner.

Mission and Vision

Global School of Health Mission, Vision, and Core Values


Global School of Health will make quality health education and training accessible to all, anywhere in the world.

Global School of Health will stand out as one of the leading health education providers to aspiring medical and healthcare professionals in the United States of America.


Global School of Health is dedicated to providing Affordable, Effective, and Attainable education in the field of health and medical sciences for everyone. The GSOH physical facility and online platform aim to help aspiring health and medical professionals achieve their educational goals.


We currently offer the following courses and programs in the Global School of Health Online Education Platform and physical facility.

  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS)
  • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
  • Electrocardiogram (EKG) Technician
  • Home Health Aid (HHA)
  • Patient Care Technician (PCT)
  • Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS)
  • Phlebotomy Technician


Global School of Health History

  • 2015The Global School of Health opened its doors to welcome its first students in 2015. The privately-owned school aimed to provide quality training and healthcare education to the community in Queens and steadily gained traction as a school for health sciences with a heart.
  • 2021Global School of Health sees education as both a right and a privilege. GSOH hopes to serve as a bridge to bring quality health education within everyone’s reach with the GSOH Online Health Education Platform launched in 2021.

Why choose Global School of Health?

We know that Medical Trainings as a Patient Care Technician, as a Home Health Aide, or as Phlebotomy Technician take a lot of time and effort. Certifications for PALS, ACLS, and CPR can be challenging to acquire. We’ve been there. Our dedicated team of experienced Nurse Educators and staff at the GSOH understands the difficulties that you are facing. We want to make your healthcare career journey easier for you.

What Client's Say about US

I would like to thank Global School of Health for giving back to the community with Free Nursing Assistant Class. The Teacher Nathalie is the best teacher! She is patient, well knowledgeable of the subject.

Bernice P

Before I used to think online course is boring my mind is changed since I participate in this cna class. you are the best Ms Nathalie , you doing a good job, we will miss you


It is with great pleasure I’m writing this note. Miss Wiggins is the best teacher, she has provided essential study guideline, and she also make sure everyone understand. Again Thank you Miss Nathalie Wiggins for your time and your patience.

B Alex

Mis Nathalie you are the best teacher for ever that I have for the CNA class I love you 😘

Marie Nicole C

Thank you so much Mrs Nathalie Wiggins for everything. your kindness, the knowledge that you gave us. I pray God bless you and you family. may he gave you strength to continue the good job that you do. we love you and your work will never lose. God bless you.

Bonel C

Miss Nathalie was the best teacher ever I love her

Wanitha Eustache M

I would like to take the time to thank Ms. Nathalie for the opportunity she gave us, I want to thank for her patience, ability and her knowledge. That was such an awesome class! She is a great teacher. I have learn somethings that I didn’t know before and the best thing the course was free.

Bonel C

One word to describe this class: Great! Great lesson, great teacher!! Ms. Nathalie is friendly, kind, knowledgeable and great fun to talk with. She knows what is important for this CNA class and also what need to do to improve quality. you the best love Sherly❤️🙏👩🎓👍

Sherly A

Ms. Nathalie your the best teacher in the world

Jonata S

Thank you so so much Ms Nathalie you are best

Johnny S

Thx you so much Ms Nathalie you’re the best


Mis Nathalie mw remerSye ou anpil pou tout pasyans ou anver nou ou pran anpil pasyans avel nou se pou Dieu beniw pou tout efow me renmen fason ou esplike Nou merci merci chape ba pou ou Ke Dieu beniw

Marie Nicole C.

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